Myung Gyun You is a sculptor and painter currently based in Philadelphia. He was born and raised in the city of Busan, South Korea. He earned a BFA from Busan University and an MFA from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Many of his formative years were spent working in Japan and Korea; his approach to art-making is highly influenced by his moves back and forth between the two countries, and the differences in art culture in each. His solo show at Gallery A Story in Seoul pivoted his career. He moved to the United States in 2011, where he creates and shows work all over the country. He currently spends most of his time making paintings, small sculptures and creating large-scale installation projects. Nature and culture is the common theme in his works; he has been pursuing the meaning and breadth of human culture for many years through his process. He is interested in the interconnected roles of the human being in the natural world. He has had solo exhibitions in numerous galleries including Gallery Sinsege, Gallery A Story, Goyang Art Studio of National Museum in Gallery604 and Purdue University, and Saint Joseph’s University. His work has been shown in many group exhibitions, including at Saatchi Gallery, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Weatherspoon Museum, Sculpture Key West, and Socrates Sculpture Park; and in Japan at the Chiba ken Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Osaca National Museum, Ganagawa Genmin Hall, and Tama Uruoi Plaza. He has received many prizes and awards, including a MacDowell Colony Fellowship, E.A.F Socrates Sculpture Park, Art Omi Fellowship, L.M.C.C., S.F.A.I., and an Asian Art Fellowship.


We speak about birth and death as if they are opposites; but the natural world shows us they are deeply connected, interrelated, reliant on one another. Birth and death create the cycles we live in and among. I witness this reality most clearly when I physically spend time in the natural world. While the stuff of our human society: education, culture, history, etc- are undeniably important as we grow, I find my truest freedom and most potent realizations when I am immersed in the woods, the air, the sky. I feel my animal and spiritual connection there, which feeds my creations.